Route Plan

M&S Road Trip Route Plan: 7 communities &1 Conference

37 Days – 4300 Kms

General Info:

Length of caravan including towbar: 4.2 meters

Length of Caddy: 4.3 meters

First leg. Filipstad to Wolfsburg (Sieben Linden)

1126 kms.

Includes bridge to Copenhagen. £70

Ferry from Rodbyhavn to Puttgarden £115 (Midday Sun 9th June)

Ferry from Trelleborg – Travemunde (S Sweden) @1000hrs £164 @1645hrs. £117

Ferry from Helsingborg to Helsinor @1200hrs. £98

Suggested route:

As there is little price difference of ferries and bridge tolls travel to Trelleborg in the very south of Sweden.

1st Leg: June 12-17 – Days 1-2-3-4-5-6

Nordmark to Sieben Linden, Beetzendorf via Uddevalla (1000 Kms – 15-17 hrs)

Day 1: 261kms – 4 hours

Easy! From Nordmark to Uddevalla to dine with Carina

Day 2: 385kms – 6-7 hours

Uddevalla to Trelleborg to take 1645 ferry to Travemunde, Germany. (8hrs) Camp a little ways from ferry terminal. …ACTION: BOOK FERRY!

Day 3: 340 kms – 5-6 hours (Depending on dist of SL from Wolfburg and travel the night before)

Travemunde to Wolfsburg (52.434, 10.789) to Beetzendorf (52.713, 11.090)

Sieben Linden (52.6909, 11.1434)

Note: This is a rather roundabout route as suggested by Gmaps, possibly can cut across country.

From Wolfsburg to Beetzendorf (Nearest to Sieben Linden) 43kms

From Wolfsburg take routes 244 and 248 at Brome

Ökodorf Sieben Linden

D-38489 Beetzendorf OT Poppau (für navigation systems Bandau OT Poppau)

Tel. 039000-51235

Fax: -51232


Contact: Sophie Willert

STAY: M called/email sent. Responded: Confirmed – Sieben Linden 14-17 JUNE.

DAYS 3-4-5-6 Arrive Day 3 p.m.

The running seminar in Sieben Linden “Practical Knowledge for a sustainable lifestyle” invites you to join the following events during your stay:

1. Fri, 14th 20.30 – ? Worldcafé  - Concrete steps to a sustainable lifestyle

2. Sat, 15th 10-13 open space, Sat, 14.30 -16.00 folk dancing, Sat, 22.00 – ? disco

3. Sun, regularly we offer sauna 20.30 Storytelling Evening with M&S

PREPARE: Short presentation: ourselves and ethos & aims for the trip.`

NO GO! – 2nd Leg: 18-20 June – Days 7-8-9

Beetzendorf to Kressberg( 520 Kms 9/10 hrs)

Sieben Linden to Tempelhof 3 Kressberg, Baden-Württemberg 7459



Tel: switchboard: 09-12 and 14-16 clock: 07957 9239-030 prospective care Tuesday mornings 09-12 Clock with Judith Goldblatt at 0157-35794863 Friday afternoons15-18 clock at Agnes Schuster 0176-22882462

Contact: Christina

STAY: M called – spoke Christina, email sent. No Confirmation yet – Tempelhof



NEW 2nd Leg: 21-24 June – Days 10-11-12-13

Beetzendorf to Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

Steckborn, Thurgau (800 Kms 16/17 hrs hrs)

Schloss Glarisegg, CH 8266 Steckborn

phone: +41 (0)52  770 2188 fax: +41 (0)52 770 2190

Email: info[at] Web:

Contact: Susanna… Agathe for our stay

STAY: Confirmed by Agathe 14 June see email.. M called spoke Susanna – email sent. No Confirmation yet. 11/6/13 M called left v/m to return call. 11/6 spoke with Cristina… she will check that Welcome group have our email and respond…

Arrive Day 10 p.m.

4th Leg: 25-27 June – Days 14-15-16

Steckborn, Switzerland – Damanhur, Castellemonte (460 kms 7/8 hrs)

Damanhur,10080 Baldissero Canavese (TO) – Via Pramarzo n.3

Northwestern Italy, Piedmont, 40 km north of Turin, 15 km from Ivrea.

Tel: +39 0124 512205, +39 0124 512236 Email:

web: Contact: Gazza at Welcome Office

STAY: M called spoke Gazza, email sent. No Confirmation yetArrive day 14 p.m. 11/6 M spoke someone else who will remind Gazza of our email. They’re v busy.

5th Leg: 28-30 June – Days 17-18-19

Damanhur to Torri Superiore village, Nr Ventimiglia (320 Kms 6/7 hrs)

Tel. +39 0184 215504



Contact: Cristina

By car

Torri Superiore is situated in the foothills of the Ligurian Alps,, by the Bevera River. About 11 km from the town of Ventimiglia, and 16 km from the border with France.Coming west from Genoa or east from Nice: exit motorway A10 at the Ventimiglia toll station, then follow the directions for “Colle di Tenda – Cuneo”. After passing through the next tunnel follow the road straight towards the Metro supermarket and signs for the village of Bevera. From Bevera follow the signs to Torri (about 6km).

Coming south from Torino: take road SS20 of the “Colle di Tenda”, after Porra (km.146,6) take a right turn right towards the Nice/Genoa highway, then right again towards the Metro supermarket and signs for the village of Bevera. From Bevera follow the signs to Torri (about 6km). ATTENTION!!! THE ROAD TO COME UP TO TORRI SUPERIORE IS VERY NARROW AND FULL OF CURVES. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO VISIT US IN A CAMPER/VAN.

STAY: M called Cristina, email sent. Visit Confirmed – see her email - Torri Superiore

Arrive Day 17 p.m.

6th Leg: July 1-3 – Days 20-21-22

Torri Superiore – La Borie Noble/La Fleyssière, Roqueredonde (450 Kms 8/9 hours)

La Borie Noble: F-34650 Roqueredonde, France

Tel: +33-(0)467-44-09-89

Fax : +33(0) Note: No Email!!

La Fleyssière : 34650 Joncels, France

Tél. :+33 (0)


Contacts: La Fl: Edouard La BN: Christian

Website: Lanza del Vastro – Founder

STAY: M called 8/6 left message at La BN for Christian. Called spoke Edouard 9/6 at La Fleyssière – sent email – visit confirmed for 1-2 July. Christian called M 10/6 – visit Confirmed for 2-3rd July- La Borie Noble/La Fleyssière

Arrive La Fleyssière Day 20 p.m.

7th Leg: July 4-14 – Days 23-33

La Borie Noble to GEN Conf. Schweibenalp, Brienz (760 Kms 15/18 hours. Days 23-24-25 for travel)

Center of Unity Schweibenalp


CH – 3855 Brienz

Tel.: +41 33 952 2000

Fax.: +41 33 952 2009


Contacts: Ulrika (GEN Office at Sieben Linden) Moris Bühlmann (at Center of Unity, Schweibenalp)… also Lara Lara Kastelic (GEN office at Sieben Linden and at Conference) Note: Supportive Member fees have been paid: 60/40 Euros

STAY: GEN Conference Attendance Confirmed.

M called spoke Ulrika (GEN reservations at Sieben Linden), sent email. Also spoke & emailed Moris Bühlmann at Center for Unity.


1: 300 Euros Food & Accommodation 11/6/13

Payments in EURO to:

Verein Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp CH-3855 Brienz Schweiz

Postbank Stuttgart, Postfach, 70304 Stuttgart, Germany

Bank code: 600 100 70, Account no: 297444703

IBAN: DE98 6001 0070 0297 4447 03,


Please put ‘Ref GEN (07.July 2013)’ on Transfer doc!!

2: GEN Conference Fee 400 Euros transferred to PostBank Berlin as before.

Arrive Schweibenalp Day 25 p.m.

8th Leg: July 15-18 – Days 34-35-36-37

Schweibenalp, Brienz to Calais Ferry Port (900 Kms 16/18 hours)

…with 4 days to do it!

FERRY: NOT Booked/Confirmed ARRIVE UK: 18th July – Day 37


‘Bumpy Roads..!’ – Our Sieben Linden experience Part 1

…our first night off the TT Line Trelleborg – Travemunde freight ferry (which, whilst not as full or noisy as passenger boats can be, I’d advise not going in to the evening meal late… the inedibly tough Schweinebraten (Pork Roast), sodden sprouts and leathery chips made for an indigestible start to our journey!) The actual crossing was calm and smooth with Travemunde appearing out of the mist a welcome sight… our trusty Caddy + Polar mini-caravan disembarked at 1.00 a.m. together with what seemed like every heavy lorry & tanker in Northern Europe onto the north German Autobahns and A Roads… taking advantage of the lighter night traffic we put a 100 or so kms behind us… finally stopping in one of the excellent Rastplätze (Rest Stops) that Germany’s Road Transport Agency has placed just off-road every few Kilometres specially for TIR Truckers who need driving-break and Caravaners like us!

The journey to Sieben Linden could’ve been unremarkable except that severe flooding of the River Elbe meant that all bridges bar one had been closed in Lower Saxony and the few diversions that had been hurriedly set up had obviously been given to a bunch of dyslexic psychopaths determined to send all road traffic round in ever-decreasing circles and up their own exhausts!!

…Following our mad Merry-go-Round around myriad highways & byways skirting the Elbe floods – our origin route plan now just a fond memory – we set up not one but two GPS’s to give us a fighting chance of finding the villages of Bandau & Poppau and a safe haven in Sieben Linden before night-fall!

We were of course travelling in and out of what had been East & West Germany before Unification… our two GPS Ladies could not seem to agree on the best route to our destination… so we retired Lady A and relied on what appeared to be the most up-to-date and accurate Direction-finding Voice… little did we know that a year ago the GPS system planners had updated the satellite directions to a longer but faster route along main and good country roads… the result being that we jolted and bounced along L&K (?!) roads, cobbled pathways and farm tracks that took us in and out of the old DDR (East Germany) and the BRD (West Germany) across the old ‘Iron Curtain’ line… we could feel which side of the old frontier line we were on by the pot-holes and 19th Century cobblestones (East), gravel compared to the evenly-surfaced tarmac’d road (West).

We could even see where the electric fence, watch towers and mine fields had, with the Elbe River, made up an inhumane ‘border’ stretching across most of North-Eastern Germany…

The countryside consisting of untilled fields, grassland and meadows, dotted with deserted farm houses and small factories felt at last benign and ‘at peace’, Father Time having mellowed History’s bitter memories and covered the-once unquiet soil with wild flowers, grasses, trees and copses… and Mother Nature providing a forgiving, flowering cloak to hide half a century of totalitarian madness and human estrangement.

Finally after a few directions from kindly locals in Beetzendorf we arrived at Sieben Linden hot and tired but very happy to have reached our first Eco- Community… we were most warmly welcomed by Ursula just in time to meet our hosts for supper. …to be continued 

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